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Creativity International School (CIS) offers a fresh new approach to education that redefines traditional boundaries and combines uncompromising quality, a kaleidoscope of specialized expertise and high quality service.

CIS offers an enriched American curriculum with an international perspective for students in preschool through grade 6. The curriculum is closely based on the Californian Standards of Education. The core program emphasizes English and Arabic reading and the language art, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. In addition to the core subject areas, CIS offers instructions in Art, Physical Education, French and Computer Technology. Islamic Studies classes are also included in the syllabus. The KG program emphasizes social skills, sensory and motor development, Language Arts, Science and Mathematics.

Instructional methods at CIS focus on the idea that not all students start at the same level, learn in the same way, or master skills at the same pace. Flexible grouping is be used to address the needs of all students, and to challenge them to stretch their abilities and master new skills. Instructional objectives are clearly defined in all subject areas, but academic expectations are flexible enough to both support and challenge each individual learner. Instruction in all areas encourages students to grow as creative worker, critical thinkers, and effective communicators. Technology, with Internet access in computer labs and libraries, is integrated throughout our program. The curriculum is designed to help children to broaden their base of information, form concepts, acquire foundation skills and positive attitudes to learning and begin to develop their abilities and talents in a wide range of areas. Learning expectations include the child’s development of literacy, knowledge and skills in Mathematics and Science.

The school academic year is divided into four reporting periods with midterm and final exams for grades 4 through 6. The school provides 39 instructional weeks which constitute a total of (1365) instructional periods per year.


Computer Labs

The School has two computer labs each in boys’ section, and girls section, equipped with latest computers. All Computers have access to internet, word processing, spreadsheets, database, graphics, desktop publishing, programming, and many other specialized educational applications like Britannica and Encarta encyclopedias and talking dictionary.

Science Laboratory

Two Science Labs each in boys’ section and girls’ section provide the perfect ambiance for brains to collide.  The resultant fission of ideas serves to inculcate a scientific temper and a quest to excel. Two sets of labs catering to all branches of Science provide ample scope to the students of the school to experiment and boost their spirit of inquiry.  The Labs are well equipped with all the apparatus required while maintaining a high degree of safety standards.

Library and Media Center

The school library and media center is catering to the literary taste buds of students from all classes.  Periodicals and journals keep our students well informed about emerging and contemporary trends; the reservoir of fiction serves as a means of relaxation, while the vast repertoire of encyclopedia, useful software programs and other reference books provides food for thought in sedate surroundings. The school library ensures that good reading habits are inculcated in students at a tender age.

Play Courts

CIS is synonymous with the term holistic development. At CIS emphasis is placed on the balanced all – round development of our children. Sports occupy a pride of place in our school curriculum. Apart from the regular activities pertaining to Physical Training that are incorporated into the time – table, proficiency in games like Basketball and Soccer is also encouraged