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Creativity international school (CIS) was founded in the year 2011 under license no: 4320140082. CIS provides an outstanding academic education specially designed for expatriates in Saudi arabia. We aim to provide our students a long lasting and satisfying learning experience by challenging them to reach their highest potential through our strong curriculum  and activities.

CIS is a Private School, Owned by the founder Mr. Khalid Ali al Abdulkareem.

The School Campus is located in the Irqah District area, the heart of the city. The school was started with the strength of 50 students up to grade 5 and now we are offering the classes from kg to GRADE 6. School building has 9 classrooms.

In 2013 the school has expanded its facilities and relocated the secondary and high school. school campus has class rooms, computer labs , science labs , library , media center and indoor playground

The school is committed to provide quality education to students irrespective of caste, creed and nationality. the school accepts all those who wish to obtain modern education based on technology



Creativity international school (CIS) is committed to excellence in providing an educational program based on American curriculum . in addition to classes in English, mathematics, social studies, Arabic and science we also offer courses in art, computer, French and physical education.

There are two divisions: elementary school (Pre-k to Grade 3) middle school( grade 4 to grade 6) the curriculum prepares students for post secondary education or employment, while reflecting an international perspective. The Teaching style curriculum and school calender are compatible with american educational system. English is the language of instruction in the school.

Technology is integrated throughout the curriculum to enhance and support learning, by using technology as a tool teachers, administrators and support staff are more efficient and effective in facilitating and managing the learning environment and fostering life long learning. we aim to give our students a long lasting and satisfying leaning experience by challenging them to reach their highest potential through our strong curriculum and activities.